Technology evangelist, author and advocate, Lawin has real estate, private equity and financial expertise and is devoted to excelling in these fields. With a first-class honours degree in Accounting and Business Economics, the graduation from the Private Markets Investments Programme from the University of Oxford and many years of experience as a property investment and real estate asset management expert, Lawin is passionate about PropTech, FinTech and the Digitalisation of the capital raising industry. He spends much of his time speaking and writing about PropTech and advising businesses on innovation, digital transformation and capital raising processes.
He has hands on experience in developing digital strategies, driving innovation in the and real estate asset management industry, and is well versed in the disruptive effect of technology on the real estate investment world. As a means of helping others understand the complexities of the property industry, Lawin wrote and published The PropTech Guide, which showcases 222 innovative firms in PropTech in a single, informative volume.
He has worked predominantly in London for Europe’s largest and leading real estate firms, where he was heading the real estate investment and private equity fundraising departments.
He now has worked on transactions worth about $7 billion all over the world.