Senior Management

  • Lawin Chandra (CEO)

    Lawin Chandra (CEO)

    Technology evangelist, author and advocate, Lawin has real estate, private equity and financial expertise and is devoted to excelling in these fields. With a first-class honours degree in Accounting and Business Economics, the graduation from the Private Markets Investments Programme from the University of Oxford and many years of experience as a property investment and real estate asset management expert, Lawin is passionate about PropTech, FinTech and the Digitalisation of the capital raising industry. He spends much of his time speaking and writing about PropTech and advising businesses on innovation, digital transformation and capital raising processes.
    He has hands on experience in developing digital strategies, driving innovation in the and real estate asset management industry, and is well versed in the disruptive effect of technology on the real estate investment world. As a means of helping others understand the complexities of the property industry, Lawin wrote and published The PropTech Guide, which showcases 222 innovative firms in PropTech in a single, informative volume.
    He has worked predominantly in London for Europe’s largest and leading real estate firms, where he was heading the real estate investment and private equity fundraising departments.
    He now has worked on transactions worth about $7 billion all over the world.

  • Yashith Gunawardana (CTO)

    Yashith Gunawardana (CTO)

    When it comes to technology, Yashith is the undisputed superstar! With a Master’s degree in Information System Management from University of Colombo, Yashith is the Chief Technology Officer and responsible for leading technology strategy and helping to scale product development as well as driving continued innovation at PropTech Asset Management. His software engineering experience spans several industries, including finance and travel, creating real-time billing systems, booking engines and creating financial software systems for investment banks. He has built systems for solving problems spread across hybrid cloud, e-commerce & consumer internet, enterprise storage & networking and mobile communications. Prior to this Yashith has worked with Pultz Techologies and Govi Nena as Technical Director.
    He has developed ERP web and windows based applications using Microsoft and was leading key cloud infrastructure and organization wide technology-driven initiatives. Yashith has a keen interest in free & open source software, doing research in IT area and are a member of many IT related societies. He has several publications to his name and has represented the industry in different forums and enlightened the audience through his powerful talks.

  • Priya Mishra (CFO)

    Priya Mishra (CFO)

    With an MBA in Finance and Account Management from Motilal Nehru Institute of Research and Business Administration, Priya is the Chief Financial Officer and responsible for the due diligence and selection of clients at PropTech Asset Management. She has been associated with the organisation since its foundation and handles the selection of General Partners by conducting exhaustive profile research and in-depth account analysis. Her role in PropTech Asset Management expands to management of financial resources, modelling, performance analysis and fundraising.
    Prior to this, Priya was working as a Finance Director and Research Manager at Ascentrik Research Pvt Ltd. She administered the data collection for clients via multiple online and offline resources such as Bloomberg, DTC, Cusip web and Reuters. She has been awarded several times for her accurate proprietary database management skills. Priya is also well-versed with regulation of financial security measures to resolve discrepancies and challenges in directories.