Strategic Advisory

With our specialist investor relationship management team, supported by a sophisticated operations team, we provide managers dedicated resources on each mandate, throughout the investor introduction campaigns. We help develop thoughtful and carefully tailored materials, give key points of advice specific to each prospective investor and help respond quickly to market developments and investor queries. Our team of leading professionals delivers innovative solutions to highly complex challenges across Strategic Advisory and Capital Raising.


  • Detailed pre-marketing strategies
  • Industry-leading market insights
  • Due diligence preparation and co-ordination
  • Private capital raising
  • Tailored investor relations programmes


We work with clients to set ambitious but achievable targets, which aims to be oversubscribed for every campaign we take on.

Our meetings are intimate, and our programmes tailored to individual needs.

We help identify and maximise opportunities for all parties to connect, educate and catapult their business growth.

1-2-1 Virtual Meetings
1-2-1 Virtual Meetings

Using latest technologies to conduct manager introduction meetings with like minded investors. Virtual meetings are the foot in the door to start a prosperous long-lasting relationship. It saves time and reduces cost with the benefit of understanding instantly the investor appetite for your product.

1-2-1 In-Person Meetings
1-2-1 In-Person Meetings

Tailored private investor meetings with pre-qualified, like minded and relevant investors in an intimate setting. The manager can intensify the relationship with the investors and discuss specific areas of interest relating to the product.


The Process

  • Thorough pre-qualification process
  • Matching investor meeting timing with manager demands
  • Key investor requirements & intelligence
  • Investor bio/profile before the introduction
  • Post meeting feedback
  • Post meeting investor relationship